Platform and Build Service

Web Experience Platforms

  • User Journey Mapping
  • Experience Architecture
  • Visual and Brand Design
  • Technical Architecture
  • CRM
  • Data Integration
  • Platform Customizations
  • Training

Customer Experience will build and increase sales, period.

Marketing technology platforms directly impacts the success of an organization’s ability to realize it’s sales goals. Not only through the scope of the initiatives that it supports and enables, but also through the enhanced customer experience it can create.

What we design and build helps our clients sell more stuff online, on phones and in-store. We take that seriously; so seriously that we build conversion plans and user behavior maps that we leverage throughout our projects to ensure we’re continually asking ourselves, “will what I’m doing right now help get customers?” Probably sounds a lot like what you ask yourself everyday.

As a result, we’ve built a practice around architecting technology environments that perform and play well with each other. While we stay true to our creative-led roots, we know that our work won’t be able to do its job if it isn’t fast, secure and available - like a good car or a parachute.

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We don’t just put logos up - we put time in.

Our technology partners are not random choices. We chose these companies not only for what they do on their own but what they do when integrated with one another. Every project is unique and needs it own specific solution. These technologies and the heights we go to gain expertise in each of them represent your best chance at true success.

The engine behind successful software delivery is passion for continuous improvement. The process drives cost down and quality up. The best CTO’s can talk in specifics about this in a heart beat. There’s your hint.

Paul Plakut
Chief Technology Officer