Insite Commerce Implementation Partner

Enabling enterprise level eCommerce experiences quickly and affordably

Insite Commerce Software powers leading global manufacturers and distributors that brings together commerce, channels and content/data to drive better B2B buyer and B2C user experiences and higher sales. Approaching 200+ customers globally, Insite Commerce is used by many leading companies to digitize and engage dealers, franchisers, sales reps, stores, contractors, buyers and consumers and is fully integrated with leading ERPs, CRMs WCMs and can be flexibly deployed either on-premise or in public/private clouds.


Keith Klade VP eCOMMERCE



Layer One Media understands the B2B digital complexities encountered by manufacturers and distributors. Our certified Insite commerce software team will design and build you a scalable, customer centric eCommerce solution with deep integration into ERP, CRM, PIM, and other third party solutions. Our unique blend of strategy, creative design, process and technology expertise will guide you through the enterprise-level eCommerce journey.

Layer One’s approach allows you to implement quickly, control costs and evolve your strategy. Accelerator programs get you up and running quickly and affordably, while Managed Services can sustain and provide continuous improvement to your solution.



Partnered with leading software providers such as Insite Commerce and Product Information Management (PIM) capabilities to the table for your business. Our expertise with ERP, CRM, and other back-office systems allow for end-to-end business process transformation from the demand chain back through the supply chain.



Companies are always looking for a means to implement solutions quicker and control cost. Layer One provides both Managed-Services and Hosting models that help get you to that ”One Stop Shop” partner. These models matched with our continuous improvement programs allow us to accelerate getting you up and running quickly and evolve your solution with market demands. Simply put, it’s our affordable “prove-and-move” way forward.

2 B2B Multiplier over B2C by 2020

6.7 B2B On-line Sales in trillions by 2020

90% B2B cost savings potential