B2B Commerce Accelerator using Sitecore

November 15, 2017

Bringing together the industry leading capabilities of Sitecore into a seamless commerce experience.

Our customer’s customer wants to make online purchasing easier, make returns easier and make it easier to find information. They want to personalize their interactions with customers so that the buyers get the information they need at just the right time. The Sitecore Commerce Accelerator leverages Sitecore Commerce to deliver a pre-defined yet configurable eCommerce solution.   

Layer One Media accelerated the process for B2B companies looking to personalize content for cross-selling and upselling opportunity, integrate shopping carts for quick orders and quotes, drop shipments and split shipments.Additional key feature include Multi-Featured Homepage and search, Multiple Payment Processing Options, Welcome and View Personalization, Product Category, Listing and DetailAnd Multiple Payment Processing Options to name a few. 

To schedule a demo, please contact: Brody Buss, Layer One Media, 414-224-0368, brody@layeronemedia.com.  Founded in 2000, Layer One Media is a Digital Agency that helps B2B Manufacturers, Distributors and Professional Services succeed in today’s marketplace. We redefine our client’s marketing trajectory to activate and build meaningful connections with customers. Accordingly, we believe the end game is not launch. Rather, the beginning of an enlightened marketing automation program aimed at delivering high quality leads and greater sales. 

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