DWS. A Brief.

The business goal was to expand its offer of weighing and measurement devices from local to national to distribution. We first identified key customer drivers—product information and specifications. Almost immediately, DWS was fielding requests from around the country. The rest of the industry was lagging.

As orders increased, we integrated software to track and personalize each account. This was an incredible efficiency as it made DWS’ sales engineers very efficient while providing the customer continuity of activity. DWS was now scalable—a big step towards its goal.

Layer One generated ideas and recommended technology to offer more personalized support with timely follow-up for new products/services, general support and rental services. This was key as DWS’ customer base became increasingly demanding based on their B2C online experiences. We were able to

Technology Implemented:

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DWS Devices


Dave Hussar

I've been working with the guys at Layer one for years. From day one, they matched technology to my business goals and the result has been great. Fact is, my business has grown very nicely since we started with them.

Dave Hussar, President

Manufacturers and Distributors

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