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Layer One Media, Chief Technical Officer // August 14, 2017

Layer One Media becomes Umbraco Gold Partner

We've worked within the Umbraco platform for quite some time, and only recently decided to formalize the relationship. Umbraco is written in C#, stores data in a relational database and works on Microsoft IIS. Umbraco's front-end is built upon Microsoft's .NET Framework, using ASP.NET  <More here from Umbraco's Blog

Why do we like working with Umbraco?

The ability to extend the core feature set of Umbraco is extremely attractive, there is basically nothing that compares in the price category. We have extensive experience in combining website properties into one platform, multi-lingual implementations, Umbraco Azure hosting, Umbraco eCommerce integrations, load balancing and complete migrations. Umbraco can deliver standout experiences.

Umbraco 7 has made it very straight forward to get started with Umbraco Cloud and there are no limits to what you can accomplish - literally anything you can do with Umbraco and web technology you can do with Umbraco Cloud. This means that your sites are running on the Microsofts's elite network technology backed by one of the largest technology companies in the world. 

Visit our Umbraco pages to learn more about how we help clients meet their CMS goals.

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