Active Commerce - Certified Partner

Active Commerce and Sitecore. Take back your customer and own the experience.

Active Commerce takes the content management and digital marketing capabilities provided by the Sitecore platform and utilizes it to create a best-in-class shopping engine that's designed from the ground-up to be skinned and extended to perfectly complement the needs of your brand.

Developers and content administrators alike get to work within one unified platform for content, marketing and commerce. It’s the only eCommerce solution that has true experience management capability built in, allowing you to take advantage of Sitecore’s proven tools required to run successful digital experiences, including Marketing Automation, Experience Management, Business Analytics, Product Information Management, and Digital Asset Management.

Layer One Media is committed to support you from implementation through training. To learn more about about how we’ll model, configure and skin, as well as all the Active Commerce features - take the next step and fill in the form below. We’re here to help you, let’s start the conversation.

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